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by Jen on July 9, 2007

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The Hubster and I have given in and joined the iPod cult. I gave him a black one for Father’s Day and he gave me a white one as an early birthday gift (so I can take it on vacation with me).

My main motivation for getting an iPod was so that I could stop carrying my giant CD books around in my car. Together they hold about 450 CDs. You do the math. (No, YOU do the math!) 450 CDs x an average of $15 per CD = $6,750. Recently I’ve begin living in fear that my car would be broken into and my CDs stolen. Some of the stuff I have in there can’t be replaced; it’s weird, indie, out of print or bootleg stuff I’ve gotten from the oddest collection of sources (begging, borrowing and stealing).

So, it has taken weeks to rip our combined CD collection to MP3s on our hard drive. In fact, I’m still ripping CDs. The repetitive mouse-related movement of my right arm is aggravating my tendinitis. Yuck.

And I just spent hours, days really, getting my iPod ready to go. Importing the music into iTunes, making playlists, importing movies and photos. (Again, I’m not really done. I’m actually still tweaking all this).I have a little vent to make here. The iTunes store will match your CDs with album cover art, but this is far from an error-free process. What fucking idiot enters this stuff, that no one double checks?!

There are frequent errors. Most are simple misspellings or transcription errors where the title iTunes labels an album with isn’t the same as the actual CD. And therefore, it won’t match up to display on your iPod (unless you change yours to be wrong, too). Here are a few such errors:

  • Randy Travis, Greates Hits, Vol. 2 (Really? His “Greates” hits? I don’t have that one…)
  • Refreshments, Fizzy Fuzzy Big and Buzzy (No “The” before Refreshments? Well, it is sort of small on the cover.)
  • X, More Fun in the World (The album is actually called More Fun the New World.)

It hasn’t convinced me of what people are always trying to: that Apple is the most brilliant of companies. Someone needs to smack that cute kid in the Mac commercials.

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