Was It All Worth It? (Tune in in three weeks and find out)

by Jen on July 1, 2007

in Teenagers make it look so easy

There’s a lot going on that has made this a rough year, but I think the Clomid might push me over the edge.

I don’t remember any emotional symptoms during the Clomid cycle when I conceived Monkeyboy. I don’t think I felt emotional during the last cycle I just did. But last week, while on my days 3 -7 of Clomid, I was laid low by depression like I haven’t been in six or seven years. So much so that The Hubster casually mentioned an article he just saw that said anti-depressants are okay to take while pregnant. Subtle. Very subtle.

I finished the Clomid two days ago and I’m now on my third day of estrogen. While I no longer feel like climbing into bed and never getting out, I’m bloated and crampy and still pretty irritated by life in general.

Add to this the stress of thinking this may all be for nothing.

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