by Jen on June 25, 2007

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I needed a change from my usual Northern Exposure episodes that I watch while I run on the treadmill, so I asked The Hubster to put Joss Whedon’s single-season (canceled) TV show Firefly into his Netflix queue.

I’m addicted.

There’s just something about the worlds created by Joss that draw me in. I was a late-comer to Buffy, maybe starting to watch around season three, but became a die hard fan almost immediately. Angel, of course, I jumped on as soon as it started, already being invested in Buffy as I was. I admit I did abandon Angel after a few seasons, but like so many others, returned once Buffy was canceled. (Actually, I returned before Buffy was canceled, because I wanted to watch all the cross-over episodes of the last season). I have stayed faithful to both through their current re-run schedules.

Firefly has drawn me in from the first episode. I love the snappy dialogue (although I have to watch it with the sub-titles on so I can catch it all over the drone of the treadmill).

It’s bittersweet that there’s only one season. On the one hand, there’s no false promise of “more” and then a shocking and disappointing cancellation. But then, there’s just no promise of more at all.

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