One Down, Two To Go

by Jen on June 21, 2007

in Teenagers make it look so easy

I had a fun conversation with my doctor today. In addition to discussing my not being pregnant, he told me that he’ll only do three cycles of Clomid (so, two more) before he refers me to someone else. Which I can’t afford.

I also am never going to be an award winning blogger, because I can’t even remember to focus on the important details of the conversation in order to record them later, either for internet-posterity or my own personal medical file. For instance, after I hung up, I realized that he had told me what my day 26 progesterone was, but I can’t remember what he said. It was fifty-something. That’s all I can remember. I do know he said that meant it was ovulatory, and whereas I know that most docs like to see a 7dpo progesterone of at least 10 unmedicated and at least 20 medicated, what effect does the fact that I am taking supplemental progesterone have on this level? I would assume it would raise my blood progesterone level (otherwise it wouldn’t seem to be doing its job). So, assuming that, does my blood progesterone level really tell us anything?

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