Big Freakin' Negative

by Jen on June 19, 2007

in Teenagers make it look so easy

I have a prescription for bloodwork to be done today to have my progesterone checked and a quantitative HCG done. Because I wanted to know the results of the pregnancy test before the doctor’s office calls me (I’m not a fan of surprises), I took a home test this morning. I’m twelve days past ovulation. It was as white at the proverbial driven snow.

So now I’ll be on to month two of Clomid, that is, once the doctor’s office calls me and my period starts. I’m of two minds about this. Part of me is fine with it, because February would have been a little too early in the school year to have a baby (if I’m trying to plan it). I’d much rather have a baby in March, April or May. But part of me is stressed because Clomid didn’t work (well, it may have “worked,” but it didn’t get me pregnant) and all the implications this has for future cycles. It would have been nice to have been done with all this TTC stuff and all the stress and obsessing that comes with it. I have three more shots this summer to achieve a Spring baby (and even trying during my September cycle means I’ll have an EDD of mid-June which isn’t too bad).

So I’m fine that it didn’t work in terms of scheduling, but worried that since it didn’t work this time, it might not work at all.

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