Two Week Wait

by Jen on June 11, 2007

in Teenagers make it look so easy

Depending on who you believe (Fertility Friend or TCOYF), I am either 4 or 5 DPO. Either way I am firmly in the Two Week Wait. When we were TTC the Monkey, I almost never tested. I think I tested one cycle because my temperature hadn’t dropped by fourteen DPO and it should have (my period started later that day regardless of my temp not dropping). And I tested the cycle I got pregnant with the Monkey, because I didn’t take my temp that weekend (or took it late or slept with my mouth open or something that made me think it was unreliable). In fact, I couldn’t have been more shocked to see that faint second line appear on that test, 12 DPO.

But this cycle I am dying to test. It’s that I had an HSG last cycle and then Clomid (etc) this cycle. We’ve followed our recipe exactly… you know, the recipe that got us pregnant last time. I’ve been searching the chart gallery on Fertility Friend, looking for charts like mine, or seeing how many charts had early BFPs. I have a prescription for a progesterone check and a quantitative beta to be done sometime CD 24-26, which is next Monday or Tuesday.

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