You down with HSG? (Yeah, you know me.)*

by Jen on April 30, 2007

in Teenagers make it look so easy

I thought I was going to get out easy. Over the winter, I had a couple of courses of bloodwork to evaluate my LH, FSH, etc., levels. The Physician’s Assistant (who I love — she’s a fast talker like me) confirmed what I already thought, things just weren’t up to snuff and next time we TTC’d, I’d use Clomid again.

Last Thursday was my appointment to see if the doctor (or PA, as it were) wanted to do more bloodwork before I start Clomid again in June. She outlined the steps that the office usually follows with early infertility intervention (since I went through my last round of treatment with my old doctor). After the usual early steps of charting, semen analysis, etc., there it was… step two… an HSG.

“I had one of those in February of 2005,” I told her, pointing at the list of steps on her paper. She wrote 2/05 next to it.

“Well, the next step is Clomid, which we’ll be doing anyway, but let me check with the doctor and see if he might want to do another HSG. He might, especially since you’ve had a couple of infections.”** She left the room to grab him between patients and see what he wanted to do. I knew I was fucked.

While it was not the most horrible or painful experience of my life (I mean, I have given birth), my previous HSG would certainly qualify as unpleasant. In fact, after my amnio, when the Hubster asked, “How was it?” as we left the office (although he was there, he knows I’m pretty stoic and wanted the real assessment), my response was: “I’d have five amnios before I’d have another HSG.” So, I think that the fact that I’d rather have a seven inch needle stuck into my uterus through my abdomen than have a catheter stuck up through my cervix and x-ray contrast flooded through my reproductive parts is a clear indication of which procedure I found more painful.

We all now how this story ends. I’m scheduled for a second HSG this Thursday.

*My apologies to Naughty By Nature.
** In addition to a current BV infection (symptom-free, so I didn’t know I had it), there’s the BV infection (also symptom-free) that led to Monkeyboy’s early arrival in the world.

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