Lazy Mix CD

by Jen on April 20, 2007

in Soundtrack of My Life

I haven’t made myself a good mix CD in a while, partly because I’m too lazy to sit down and devote the time to do it (and partly because my computer is giving me some real problems).

But a 6-CD changer in the car means I can do my own lazy-mix by switching between them as I drive to work. My drive is long enough to listen to about 6 to 8 songs. This week’s mix went as follows:

CD 2; Track 5: “Ain’t No Love,” Aslyn, Lemon Love.
CD 2; Track 6 “You Got Me,” Aslyn, Lemon Love
CD 3; Track 1: “Bona Fide,” The Clarks, Between Now and Then
CD 1; Track 6: “Los Angeles is Burning,” Bad Religion, The Empire Strikes First
CD 4; Track 3: “Big Me,” Foo Fighters, Foo Fighters
CD 5; Track 8: “Where the Boat Leaves From,” Zac Brown Band, The Rock Boat VII CD 1
CD 6; Track 16: “Time to Go,” Scott Blasey, The Rock Boat VII CD 2

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