Running Woman

by Jen on April 13, 2007

in Workin' out

I fell off the exercise wagon last month while caring for a sick child (three days spent on the couch doing nothing but cuddling, watching Jack’s Big Music Show and administering Pedialyte one teaspoon at a time). As of April, I had to start over with my goal of no less than three days a week.

It’s helped that I finally figured out how to program the treadmill so I don’t have to adjust speed and incline throughout my run.

I’m following the graduated program in one of The Hubster’s books, where the ratio of walking to running is adjusted up each week, until you’re running for 30 minutes (or should that be stated, the ratio of running to walking?). It also focuses on running for time, not distance, at the beginning of the program. It’s what I’ve always used to get back to running and it works well for me.

Here’s hoping I’m back to running 30-45 a day minutes by the beginning of summer.

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