Bored Now.

by Jen on April 10, 2007

in Soundtrack of My Life

I’m feeling restless again, but don’t know what to do about it. Usually when I get this way, a good solution is to pick up some new music. However, I’ve bought or been given so much new music recently that I can’t listen to it all. Some of it seems neglected and that makes me feel guilty.

Recent Purchases:

  • Tails — Lisa Loeb and Nine Stories
  • Fireracker — Lisa Loeb
  • It’s a Shame About Ray — The Lemonheads

Recent CDs sent my way (all courtesy of Beamer, thanks!):

  • Social Distortion — Social Distortion (I requested this)
  • White Light, White Heat, White Trash — Social Distortion (also part of the SD request)
  • Sex, Love and Rock N’ Roll — Social Distortion (ditto)
  • Cheating at Solitaire — Mike Ness (solo CD of Social Distortion’s guitar player, sent to accompany the SD CDs)
  • The Empire Strikes First — Bad Religion (sent because I liked the SD and Mike Ness so much)
  • Indestructible — Rancid (Because I liked the Bad Religion so much we bought Warped Tour tickets!)
  • ...And Out Come the Wolves — Rancid

Also, I don’t want to buy too much music right now because there’s a lot of new stuff to be released soon that I’ll be buying:

  • New Scott Blasey (next week)
  • New Bad Religion (July)
  • New Antigone Rising (July?)

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