by Jen on April 5, 2007

in Soundtrack of My Life,The Boys in the Wood

This morning I decided it was time to put the Bad Religion CD away and turn off the punk station for a while. I finally got the Lisa Loeb CDs I ordered from and thought that I should give them a listen.

Also, last night I was searching my mind for songs that I a) knew all the words to, b) could actually sing (I have no skills and no range), and c) hadn’t sung a thousand times already for the night time post-tooth-brushing “rocking and two songs” routine that is the Monkey’s bedtime ritual. I was having a hard time coming up with anything, because I haven’t been listening to anything even remotely ballad-like recently. (And if I have to sing the same old stuff a thousand more times, I’m going to scream).

I almost busted out “Last Call,” because since I heard it last weekend and I hadn’t in a while, it’s been about the only non-punk thing running through my mind (and I know all the words). That would have made a nice lullaby, huh? Anyway, I settled for the part of Dar William’s “The Christians and the Pagans” that I could remember, then fell back on the old standby “The Train They Call the City of New Orleans.” (That’s what my Dad used to sing to me. We’re a weird family, huh?)

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