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by Jen on March 28, 2007

in Everyone is entitled to my opinion

I just read a report that cell phone use while driving is considered to be more dangerous than driving drunk. I know talking on cell phones impairs your response time, but more dangerous? Really?

The one issue I have with this study is that their “drunk” drivers matched the legal limit of 0.08%. My thought on this is how many drunk drivers have had only one or two drinks? While, yes, at or above 0.08 is legally drunk, for the average person at that level they’ve just arrived at drunk. That’s why it’s the lower limit of drunk/upper limit of sober. I wonder how drunk drivers would fare as their blood-alcohol content increases.

This isn’t to defend driving with a cell phone. It’s obviously dangerous.

What I mean is that “driving with a cell phone” is a finite status. (You are or you aren’t. You can’t be talking on the phone to a greater degree than someone else who is also talking on the phone). Driving drunk has degrees. You can have a blood-alcohol content of 0.08% or one of 0.2% and function very differently. Comparing cell phones and drinking is apples and oranges.

My point is I’d argue that someone with a higher blood alcohol content would be more dangerous that a cell phone operator.

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