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by Jen on March 2, 2007

in Workin' out

I am trying to commit to a work out schedule to get ready for the summer bike season. Since the baby, it’s been sort of hit-or-miss. I might be dedicated for a period of weeks and then just… stop. Adding to the challenge is that my elbow — I think it’s tendonitis — is still bothering me. I probably do need to make an appointment with my orthopedist, but I’ve been putting it off. I think it’s going to be like the carpal tunnel/ulnar neuropathy of my pregnancy: there was nothing that would be done. I really think he’ll just tell me to rest it. Hard to do when there’s a 25-pound sack of potatoes that needs to be picked up all the time.

So instead of lifting, I have to contend myself with walking/running on the treadmill. And as the weather gets better and I get my gear in order, I’m hoping to be able to hit the bike trail. That means I need to get the Monkey a helmet and hope that he’ll tolerate riding in a bike trailer. Again, the skeptic in me surfaces: Somehow I doubt it.

But I’ve decided that since this whole return to fitness thing essentially coincided with the beginning of the month (actually, the day before), the goal is to do work out in some fashion three days a week minimum. If I do that for at least a month, I can buy myself this poster for my gym that I’ve been wanting for a while now. I’ve been wanting to get it since I was really into lifting about three years ago.

I already have the “Growing Old is Not for Sissies” posters. This will complete the gym “art,” except for maybe a few mirrors at some point.

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