Two questions (both rhetorical)

by Jen on February 16, 2007

in Rant of the Week

Last weekend, while shopping at Half Price Books, I lost an earring. I’ve called them and they have it, so now I have to get myself back up there this weekend to pick it up. It’s the same sort-of-dangling earring I wore on The Rock Boat, it just kind of hooks on, doesn’t clip closed or have a back or anything. Here’s my question: How is it that I did not lose the same earring in four days on a cruise ship, through rough seas, drinking and all sorts of shenanigans (I love that word) but I lose it while shopping for books on dry land?!

Second question. On Superbowl Sunday I was at my sister-in-law’s and she had a big bowl of peanut M & M’s out. Now, know this: I don’t like nuts, but I do like crunchy peanut butter (just another of my many quirks). But, I wanted some chocolate and that was all there was. So, I thought, Well, I like crunchy peanut butter, how different can peanut M & M’s be? Probably sort of like crunchy peanut butter with a coating of chocolate. So, I tried one. And a few more. And I decided that I actually like peanut M & M’s. A lot. Now I am craving them. So my question is: How does a person go thirty-some years before discovering that they like peanut M & M’s? How crazy is that?

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